About Us

Welcome to Roskalava.net.  

“We are Finland’s 100% charity platform. Business ID number 3140484-1. Roskalava was established in 2023, We are based in Jyväskylä. We’re on a mission to promote sustainability and community connections by giving used items a second chance. At Roskalava.net, you can easily post and discover pre-loved treasures in your local area. Roskalava application is a platform where the user can donate what  they do not need so that others need to collect them. Selling on this platform is strictly prohibited

Our Mission


Our goal is simple: reduce waste and build a more sustainable world. We encourage people to share and reuse items, helping the environment and fostering community bonds.

How It Works

List Items: Post items you no longer need, complete with photos and pickup details.

Discover Treasures: Browse listings by category or location to find what you need.

Connect and Collect: Contact users via instant chat, arrange pickup, and give items a new home.


Why Choose Us?

Community-Centric: Join a community that cares about sustainability.

Eco-Friendly: Reduce waste

User-Friendly: Easy-to-use platform for everyone.

Local Connections: Connect with neighbors for convenient pickups.

Free: Enjoy our platform for free.

Dual Language: Available in both Finnish and English

Join Us in Making a Difference